Bass and Trout Today!

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What a day! Since my retirement last June, I have moved to the Klamath Falls south-central Oregon. Klamath Lake joins Agency Lake in the Chiloquin area, where I have been building a home and shop since last October. I look across Mallard Bay from the "construction site" and rue that I am still building rather than fishing. This weekend I decided to take a break and go fishing, as I have been doing far more talkiing and reading about fishing than actually wetting a line. After my chores Saturday, I finally got out on the lake in the late afternoon. I stayed out until almost dark and never touched a fish. This morning Max, my faithful lab, and I fished for a couple of hours with the same results. I decided to put up the fly rod and arm myself with a bait casting reel and a crankbait. I caught two fat 12 inch largemouth bass along the shore and missed a big guy right next to the boat. (They are not supposed to be in the lake.) By 10:30 I decided to troll the rest of the way to our rental house which is on the lake. I had no luck. Noticing a large swath of shade from some large cottonwoods on the property adjoing our rental, I made a final cast with a silver, two-inch crankbait and caught a 6 or 7-pound rainbow! I have fished the lake six times since last August. My catch rate has not been all that successful. I have landed three fish, only one of which was under five pounds. I have to remind myself on the days that I get skunked that I have been fishing for trophys. Today I am feeling great. The next time that I get skunked, I am going to remember today. Email me if you would like information on two great guides that really know the lake.


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